Change It Up, Count Them Calories

11 Apr

It Won't Hurt To Laugh A Little

I wanted to change it up this week, and take a closer look at the restaurants we have experienced throughout the blog and the nutritional value they provide. Calories and carbohydrates are every persons fear when it comes to foods, which explains why a lot of the time going out to eat at a restaurant is a BIG break for weight watchers. The local eateries are sometimes known to have a healthier supply of choices, in comparison to chain restaurants. Still, you will be surprised how many different types of foods at any eateries do exceed the 1000 calorie diet meter. It is important to stay consistent with your eating habits. Below I placed an image of the “nutrition pyramid,” to help with understanding the cycle of rightful eating. It is important to receive all the fruits, vitamins, carbs, proteins, meats throughout your week so that your body stays healthy and fit. I know it might be hard to follow this pyramid perfectly when you are casually dining out but it is important to keep in mind.

The Cycle of Nutritious Eating

Something you can also do is when you are out and about for a nice friday night dinner make sure and look at the nutritional menu to help make your entree decision. The amount of calories are located on each menu now or there is a second menu that is brought to the table. An article was posted on on April 1 that I thought went well with this posting. It talks about the Food and Drug Administration that has determined now to make sure all chain restaurants, concession stands, and other eateries to label each item with a nutritional and calorie background. I found further information on Courthouse News Service that announced if there is a chain restaurant that has over 20 or more restaurant locations or similar menus they must post the calorie and nutritional information as well. I thought this was interesting because the restaurants that I have already experienced all had a nutrition menu available to look at, but I never cared to look at it. I highly advise those that do eat out continuously should use these helpful menus to your own advantage, because it will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.


Mellow Mushroom, It’s All About the Shrooms

4 Apr

Mellow Mushroom around 1974, was founded by three college students that wanted to open a unique style of restaurant that shared their true philosophies on life. The two main items of interest was to a create a pizza and beer joint, that would influence all college students and residents in the state of Georgia to come visit the eatery. Mellow Mushroom holds around 100 other restaurants around the states that are for people to enjoy the greasy foods that all Americans crave.

Location On Maps Where You Can Find The New Tempe Restaurant

This weekend I tried the infamous pizza and beer, locally owned eatery called Mellow Mushroom that just opened up this about three weeks ago on Mill Ave. in Tempe, Az. When you walk in you feel like you are walking into a gallery, where pieces of colorful art are placed all over the walls. To left side of the entrance there was also a mini store that carried t-shirts, bags, cups and other accessories that you can purchase to remember the experience you had at Mellow Mushroom and also to remember the great food you had. This restaurant is a colorful, artistic,state of the art, hippie environment that keeps all customers craving the original pretzel bread that is one of the most tasty “munchies” on the menu. The menu holds many items that will complete your appetite. I started off trying the appetizer of  that are called the “munchie.” The humus had a garlic and olive oil taste with chili powder lightly sprinkled on top, and pita bread was placed on the plate for dipping. I had to try the pretzel bread as well which was AMAZING! The hot salted pretzel slices were served with a chose of garlic butter, honey, cinnamon and parmesan sauce that was the perfect match. The waiter seemed to enjoy our tables presence, and was always on point with filling our glasses with water and contributing to our restaurant experience. It was then time to choose what entrée I wanted, but between the grilled and deli hoagies, fresh salads, calzones and the many types of different pizzas, I decided with the Kosmic Pizza. This pizza looked to be my best option, because I loved the ingredients that were placed on the garlic pizza dough. Red basil paste, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, garlic sauce and pesto green sauce that was drizzled in a circular pattern. The pizza was beyond what I had in mind it would taste like. I went with purchasing the 10′ inch size pizza that came with four slices. Each slice was abnormally larger than a regular dominos slice of pizza. There were medium(12′), large(14′) and extra-large(16′) pizza’s as well that would be great to try with a large group. Drinks and beers at Mellow Mushroom had an extremely large selection as well with about 15 beers on taps and many different well drinks to fit all flavors.

Reverse Happy Hour is Monday-Friday 10 p.m.-12 p.m. I recommend Mellow Mushroom if you are looking for a great place to enjoy the art around you and eat delicious different “mushroom foods.” The foods I picked were great, and I know I could have chosen anything else on the menu and would have been pleased. I liked too, that you were able to add anything you wanted on all dishes, which was a good way for you to make the food your own. If you end up on Mill Ave anytime during lunch or dinner, make sure and stop by Mellow Mushroom to try out the great foods!


28 Mar


The sign outside the restaurant!

While I was in the Tempe Market place waiting for my nine forty five movie, I came across a stylized greek restaurant that looked to be a great place to stop for my dinner eatings, The Greek Pita! The smell of greek pita and homemade hummus was the type of food I was craving this particular night. I was pleased to see that this eatery was a family owned and carried authentic styles of greek food. Looking at the menu I knew this would be a hard decision in finding the perfect dinner I wanted to eat. Every plate was through a family generation recipe that was passed down through the years, which was very interesting and I couldn’t wait to try out the foods. The restaurant was organized in a more buffet manner with a cashier at the end of the line which nice to see the way the food was cooked and I could tell them exactly what I wanted in my pita entree. This restaurant had a variety of choices such as different meat combo plates, wraps, sandwiches, salads and appetizers. Uniquely there was also greek styled hot dogs with grilled peppers and hamburgers with garlic and original french fries. I first off went with ordering the original hummus that was blended with chickpeas, tahini, olive oil fresh garlic and lemon juice. The hummus was freshly made at a colder temperature with a side of hot pita bread to dip with. I then wanted to try something different but since I usually wouldn’t pick a greek place as a first choice I went with the regular, chicken greek salad wrap. The wrap carried the original greek salad with olives and then a seasoned lemon chicken inside that tasted great with the garlic pita. My roommate tried the gyros plate that gave you a choice of rice or french fries and select of beef or lamb, seasoned with a spice and Tzatiki sauce on skewers. This was also served with pita bread and a greek salad.

Mhmm the close up look of the rather delicious greek salad pita wrap.

Hummus and pita bread the perfect mix.

Once we were able to sit down and enjoy the food, I must say I was very please and recommend this greek food for all pita lovers to try. The food was cooked perfectly and the the meats were seasoned with a garlic quenching taste that wouldn’t let any foodies down. In comparison to other greek spots, I was thrilled with the well cooked plates The Greek Pita served. There are three different locations for this eatery in both Phoenix and Tempe, which can be found on the contact list provided. The service was great and the food was even better. So next time you are walking around the Tempe marketplace, make sure instead of the usual Chipotle or Slices, stop into The Greek Pita!

Below is a link and video if you are interested in making your own pita bread. I thought it would be useful to all you greek food tasters out there!

Oregano’s, It’s Where the Pizza Is At!

22 Mar

The Outside Bistro That Sits on University Drive Near ASU Tempe

The neighborhood pizza joint where you can sit on their decorated patio.

Are you hungry for some pizza and other delicious Chicago Style foods?

Then you have hit the right place, Oregano’s Pizza Bistro, “your neighborhood pizza joint.” This restaurant holds some of the most traditional Italian dishes that can please any appetite. Recently this year Oregano’s held the “Best Pizza” award by the AOL Best and The East Valley Tribune published that this was the “best italian restaurant of 2011. Many other awards and public appearances have been given since 1994 to present in honor of the family owner, Lawrence Gibbilini, that continues to hold the Oregano family together throughout history.
Hearing the sounds of Frank Sinatra as you walk into the smell of fresh garlic, cheesy bread and thick crusted Chicago style pizza flavors you anticipate to see what the menu has to offer. The environment is candlelit and decorated with an Italian zing giving those eaters a chance to kick back and enjoy the ride back into the early 1950’s memorabilia. All service is ready to entertain you with not only their dancing but are willing to explain the large menu that is put in front of you.
One thing that I do advise is that you do not doubt the menu, everything on it is delicious to every extent. I haven’t gotten quite through the entire tasty dishes but I know one day I might! Recently when I went I ordered things that I never tried and I must say that I walked out happier than ever. Let me advise you first timers that Oregano’s has some LARGEST portions, so make sure and bring a few friends to help you finish the delicious tastes you choose. The appetizer my friends and I started off with was the famous and best thin crusted, flat breaded pizza called the O-riva, that is topped with:
A Mediterranean blend of roma tomatoes, artichokes, our spiced feta cheese, kalamata olives, spinach and imported Italian cheeses spread on a thin crust.
You need to try this flat bread, I almost ate the whole thing to my self. I could not resist the soft artichoke hearts and crispy onions that gave an amazing seasoning for the entire pizza and crust.

Please tell me you want some of this delicious thin crust.

Next, I needed to get on with the entree so I narrowed down my choices with three top picks. You may laugh that I said three top picks, but wait to you see this menu, unrealistic! I had  to make a decision between a Ziti Pasta with sauteed sausage and cheese in a bread bowl, the Italian Stuffed that is drizzled with a Balsamic Vinaigrette and olive dijon, or the blazing buffalo wings that are drenched in Italian herb sauce and bleu cheese.
I decided to pick the Zany Ziti Pasta, and I did not regret it. The taste of the well cooked penne noodles sauteed in a Italian red sauce with a three cheese mixture was on point. The bread bowl to go around the dish was just satisfying as you were able to use the bread as a spoon. Like I said this dish is filling, so I was able to have lots of leftovers.
Oregano’s holds a classic name for great Italian food and is mentioned by many news and eating guides as one of the best. The prices range from $6-12, but with the portions of plates, you will never complain. The service is great and you won’t ever walk out disappointed.
Wine and Beer beverages are served for those of age. Great add to your Italian dining!

Chuck Box them Burgers

6 Mar

Chuck Box Menu of "Bill of Fare"

The Chuck Box Hamburgers

Mmmm, it’s the yummy smell of burgers and chicken sandwiches on the grill in a cowboy setting will please almost anyone that is craving a messy dinner or lunch in the city of Tempe. The  Chuck Box Hamburgers holds award winnings by the New York Times as the best hamburger spot in the states.  Big Juan the owner at Chuck Box holds a popular title as he performs to make the tasty “Big One”, a 1/3 lbs. burger of your choice of chicken as well. You can pick from five different choices of cheese and there are french fries and other fried sides that are cooked with trans fat-free oil. America’s favorite style burgers and sandwiches that are grilled on a mesquite charcoal broiler, where quality ground beef is grilled medium well and the original buns are cooked with brown edges. You also have a choice to add bacon or guacamole that can make your meal taste even better! I entered the restaurant house with belly that was grumbling, and the first thing I wanted on the menu was the bacon “big one”, which was a large ground beef patty burger with jalapeno jack cheese. My mouth was watering, since this would be the first meal I was eating all day.

Waiting in line with a tray made the style of restaurant a western cowboy BBQ look that fit well with the way the lunch was served. Once you received your juicy burger you continued to follow the line to the side orders. I ordered the fried zucchini, which were dipped in a lemon, bread crust. Everything looked great and tasty, especially the fried onion rings which was what the guy in front of me ordered. Next I paid for the meal in cash only. The man at the cashier was Big Juan, he was the man of the house that was able to answer a few questions I had about the restaurant. I asked him if there were any other locations in the areas and he answered no. “Tempe is the only one we have for to reasons, we like the setting of a college campus and also I was born and raised in Tempe. Going through chef culinary school made it easier for me to open a spot for college students and residents to enjoy when craving a burger and some beer.” There were picnic tables to sit at with your tray of delight and enjoy the delicious burgers you designed. All burger ads were at an easy reach, where there was a condiment bar for you own choosing. I couldn’t wait to sit down and enjoy the great lunch that would soon be pleasing my stomach. I can’t help but say this was rated a ten in my book, the food was well deserving and very gratifying. Further comments on Yelp are provided at the link, so make sure and stop sometime at the casual burger joint off University Dr. In comparison to chain restaurants, McDonalds comes to mind when I think of a fast-serving burger service. The difference between the two would be quality of food. Chuck Box without a doubt holds higher standings for having the top burgers and chicken sandwiches.


Once I added all of my favorite condiments and I couldn't wait to take a bite!

Top Burger in the City of Tempe

Burgers on the coal grill that are cooked to perfection.


I wanted to also post this YouTube video URL on the Chuck Box Restaurant that I came across. Feel free to click on the link to get a better picture of the five star restaurant.


Pa-Pa-Ya Thai for You!

27 Feb
Welcome to the Thai Family Owned Restaurant.

This week I was looking to try an ethnic type of food. I’ve realized driving around Tempe, Phoenix and the Maricopa County there has been quite a lot of Thai food restaurants. Looking into this, I wanted to try a smaller, hole in the wall eatery that had speciality entrées and holds high-ranking for their cultural food. Thai restaurants have a plus about the quality of their food, it takes time to prepare and the environment is peaceful for good conversation while eating well. I found the perfect spot when I arrived to the family owned  PaPaYa Thai Restaurant located on 1731 E. Broadway Rd. in Tempe. When I was online looking up the best Thai food in the city of Tempe, this restaurant was the first to pop up. To correspond with the website, driving up the first sign on the hideaway was “Best Curry in Phoenix,” voted by the Phoenix Magazine in the Valleys 50 best traditional dishes section of January 2009. I wanted to see for myself if this food place really held a top pick for traditional Thai dishes.

Walking into the restaurant the decor was themed to look like an Indian Cuisine. Darker tones of colors with white table clothes and florist pattern seats. There was a fountain at the entrance and a good amount of fake plants all around. In the back of the place there was an elegant area for fine dining, which had white drapes to separate itself from the rest of the other tables. The setting was candlelit and there were low cushioned booths that wrapped around the area.  I decided to get a good feel for the style of restaurant and asked to sit in the elegant seating section.

Once we were seated we ordered right away with the start of appetizers. I ordered the egg rolls and my friend ordered the crusted tofu. We figured we could share the different types of appetizers for a better taste of culture. Our waiter was very attentive and glad to serve us, which was already better than my last experience at Mucho Gusto. The appetizers took ten minutes  to be delivered to our table and I was then able to take the first bite of my egg roll. Satisfying! The crunch of the outer crust was just perfectly baked and the inside warm veggies were very delicious. The four egg rolls were served with a red, peppered Thai sauce that put the finishing touch to the great egg rolls that were presented on the plate. The crusted tofu was presented next, also served with the peppered Thai red sauce. The distinct flavors in the egg rolls were thrilling to try in comparison to Japanese egg rolls. I have tried tofu before in soups but never in the form of a chicken finger. The first crunchy bite was different, but it tasted just like tofu should have tasted. My roommate enjoyed the natural taste better than I did,but there was nothing wrong with trying something different. Stripped carrots were placed on the side of the plates, giving a good Thai accent to the food.

Yummy Egg Rolls that Taste so Great!

Crusted Tofu with a Touch of Stripped Carrots

The "Best in Town Curry," which wasn't quite the best.

When the waiter arrived to ask how the two appetizers were we had nothing but good things to say. Our waiter’s ethnicity was white, which I thought was interesting in this environment. I asked him if he had any clue as to why there are so many Thai restaurants in the city of Tempe, and Phoenix. His thoughts were that since Arizona is known to have many different types of cultured visitors, most people enjoy trying the famous Thai foods. The style of food is different and not that common, especially  when it is hard to find good Thai dishes. Papaya offers soups, salads, and entrees with 11 curry dishes and 10 noodle dishes of exotic choice.
We then ordered our entrees, I ordered the chicken chow mein where I chose a spice level of five and my roommate ordered the “Best in Town” Yellow Chicken Curry. I wanted to pick a meal wisely so I decided with the chow mein because since the restaurants entrees ranged between $8-11, I needed to make sure that I would really enjoy the plate. Five minutes or so later the curry was presented. My roommate looked a little puzzled because this was not at all what she had expected. The bowl of curry presented looked like soup with big chunks of potatoes, carrots and chicken in a yellow colored broth. Her first bite was sour looking and that was all she tried. The spoon went right back down and was never picked up again. I guess the Best Curry in Phoenix is rather compelling in our opinion.  I felt bad but I knew that my chow mein would be large enough for us to share. Indeed it was, my meal was then brought and presented in front of me looking rather tasteful. Noodles were tossed in a brown spicy and sweet sauce that tasted somewhat like a teriyaki sauce with onions, carrots, broccoli, celery and other veggies mixed in. Seasoned cut up chicken slices were mixed in as well which was filling. We separated the dish and shared the chow mein entrée while the curry sat there getting cold.

After our stomachs were full, I was able to really configure if this Thai restaurant compared to my favorite ethnic Thai food in California. Hands down that is a NO!! I wasn’t quite impressed with the dishes and appetizers but they weren’t horrible. My total bill was roughly fifteen dollars that I feel wasn’t spent wisely in my eyes. I don’t know if I could compare this restaurant to the Swasdee Thai located in Southern California. I think the service was good, but the setting was a little awkward since at one point my roommate and I were the only ones seated inside on a Thursday night. I wonder even how long this eatery will be around with the economy suffering and their prices at average. I did notice good lunch specials but as for dinner they weren’t the most reasonable. Comments on Yelp are provided, if you are interested on other visitors opinions click the link.

A close-up look at the mouth-watering Chow Mein

The sign says it all..

Mucho Gusto, Give Me Some Mexican!!

19 Feb


Chips & Salsa to Start the Meal off Right!

Hola! This week I wanted to step out of the box and try something spicy! Mucho Gusto was my next destination. I’ve heard good and bad about the place through Yelp reviews and even friends that have tried the mexican bistro in the past. The restaurant has been ranked with both positive and negative reviews. For instance, most people have experienced better service and management about a year ago rather than recent. The inventive southwestern food was considered tasteful but overall the waiters had no relationship with their tables which is really important when you want those customers to remember there trip to Mucho Gusto. “The service, while not bad, has just lacked in the recent months. Energy? Engagement? We get seated. We order. We get our food. We pay the check. We leave.” Even reading these comments on the restaurant I still walked into the cantina with a clear mind and ready to give my own opinion. My boyfriend and I were seated on the outside patio, which was nice rather than inside. The waiter approached us pretty quickly with waters, chips and salsa. From then it was like tracking down a celebrity, we never saw our waiter again until the check was handed to us. This caught me a little off guard because I thought the first impression went perfect, but the waiter did seem distant when she presented her greetings.

Southwestern Side Salad that comes with your Meal.

Next, we were able to tackle another waiter with an order of guacamole and my boyfriend got a beer. I thought it was odd that “WE” had to track down a waiter, especially when our waters and chip bowl was empty. I have to admit even if the service wasn’t on top of their game, the chef was pretty good at the job. The homemade guacamole was superb! It had tomatoes, cilantro, seasoning, and a sweet relish on the side that made a nice touch to the appetizer. Finally, someone approached our table to get our order, but oddly it wasn’t our waiter yet again! I ordered a simple bean and cheese burrito, enchilada style, and my boyfriend ordered a chimichanga with carne asade. The food came out at an average time, and the plates were mouthwatering. My first bite was rather deserving since our service wasn’t the best. The pinto, refried beans were original as they tasted a little spicy. I could tell where the southwestern style food was coming into the picture. My boyfriends chimichanga looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  The cheese was melted on top of the burrito and carne asada was spilling out of the warm tortilla. The guacamole that was left over was a great add to both dishes. Both meals had complimentary salads that had also a southwestern add of corn and tortilla chips on top. The dressing was a light balsamic vinaigrette drizzled on top. Sorry the below pictures are so tiny. 😦

The BIG Carne Asada Chimichanga

Prices were very reasonable for the amount and quality of food you are served. Our total bill was on average 25$ which if you figure going to Chipotle or Macayos your paying the same wage. The food was great, now back to our waiter, she finally came back to our table to ask how everything was and with a short answer I responded, “Fine.” The check was then handed to us and she walked away.  I was really frustrated with the service that we got, especially when this restaurant is supposedly a very inventive, unique mexican bistro. The bus boy and chef deserved more of an appreciated tip than our actual waiter. We gave a two dollar tip and next to the amount I wrote, “Please give one dollar to the chef and the other dollar to the bus boy, thanks.” I’m sure she wasn’t thrilled with the no tip to her but overall the waiter should know her poor customer service. I was wondering if it had to do with the stereotypical “college student” look that the both my boyfriend and I presented. No matter what though, that should have no weight on whether we deserve low class service during our afternoon lunch. We walked out with full stomachs but unfortunate opinions on the Mucho Gusto restaurant. Here is a map if your interested in trying out this eatery. Once again, great mexican food but bad service.

The Guacamole was Delicious

Sticklers Sticks you with a Tasty Sandwich

14 Feb
Th eatery location on the corner of downtown phoenix.

As an ASU student in the downtown campus I always am looking for local restaurants that are different and worth the money. When I was in downtown phoenix during a break in between classes, I managed to travel down south when I hit Washington and Third Ave. Located conveniently on the corner I entered into the eatery named Sticklers. I had no clue what this place was going to be about but I noticed it was a popular spot and everyone eating there looked satisfied as they were eating there sandwiches during lunch time. Sticklers is known to be a tasty and refreshing lunch or breakfast spot that will treat you to “your choice” menu of, deli sandwiches, fresh picked salads, sizable soups and smoothies, gourmet coffees, and plenty of healthy sides. I decided to first go with a italian sandwich that included provolone, Spicy Capicola, Mortadella, Hard Salami & Pepperoni. The sandwich was perfectly toasted which I then added deli pickle, tomato, lettuce, onion, italian dressing, and dijon mustard. The line was pretty long at start but went by fast as each customer encouraged know your order before hand and have that sandwich ready and hot once you paid the cashier. The sandwich was like a 12′ sandwich at Subway but the quality was by far surpassing. Each meat slice was cut by hand and the sides were placed once the sandwich was evenly toasted to make the cheese and meat melt as one.

Greatness in your own sandwich.

The bread choice was slim, picking either wheat or white bread, my pick was wheat and all are placed in a toaster. I think that was a great add to the sandwich because it was able to blend the two main taste, the meat and cheese. The crunch you taste for your first bite was ten times better than a subway sandwich that is made with no special touch. Sticklers is an all around spot for local Phoenix businesses and students that want a hearty sandwich to last them for the day at an easy rate. A wifi environment where everyone can come in relaxed and comfortable to start off their breakfast and lunch appetites.

Sticklers is also known for helping out the community as they sponsor the 100 Club of Arizona, which stands for, “Standing Behind the Men and Women Who Stand Behind the Badge.” A non-profit organization that helps out those families of police officers, fire fighters and safety officers that are in duty and killed for protecting our country. Sticklers is a money raising restaurant that invites all to come and enjoy a place where the customers focus on great service.

While I was there I happened to be talking to the guy in front of me, he said that he goes to Sticklers once a week because it is  convenient to the Phoenix Courthouse, which is where he works as a security guard.  Coming one a week is no problem to him because the sandwiches and salads are so easily pleasing. Breakfast and coffee is always something he treats to once in a while. Other comments for the restaurant are linked here.

Zooming in on the cheese: Slices Pizza

9 Feb

Who doesn’t like pizza, its every humans craving after a late night. These two large slices hold all appetites well, with a taste no Italian bistro can beat. Slices is ranked Arizona’s top pizza joint and originates in Tempe!

Cheesy Pizza for you if that is what you like.

Going in for the first bit always makes your stomach grumble. Just knowing that warm, seasoned crust and the melted cheese will be touching those craving taste budes.

Pizza at your lips & it smells so good.

This close up is the determination each one has when they go in for the middle of the slice. The middle holds the most flavor once the tomato sauces and cheeses mix as one.

Close up of hungry munchies for everyone.

There is always left overs, which cold pizza can sometimes be better than hot. Leaving some in the box can be rewarded the next day when you find breakfast. 

Its not bad to keep the leftovers because you can have them later.

When you’ve finished your midnight snack, why not take time to read the front of the box, since I am sure that wasn’t your mission when you got the smelling good pizza. Slices was pleased to share with you there service and I’m sure you don’t mind going back again.

Come back to Slices, if you don't you will be missing out.

There isn’t a pizza that can beat this “New York Style” joint. So out of the many different toppings, choose wisely:)

Matt’s BIG Breakfast

6 Feb

Mhmmm I smell the bacon! An all day breakfast nook that holds one of the top pancakes in the Maricopa County. It’s famous for the high quality of organic produce used to serve each customer the best morning or afternoon brunch. Humanely raised cage-free eggs, natural Iowa pork and Angus beef help give the food a taste of effortless pleasing and a way to maintain healthy eating throughout your day. The famous eatery holds record of media coming in to film the restaurant for its greatness. As I walked into the smell of yumminess during a class break on Wednesday, I could tell that this was just what I needed. Below shows the Belgian Waffles that were made to perfection with toasted edges and the sweet powdered suger. The maple syrup lay on top of the waffle to add to that taste of soft fluffy mix. The bacon was cooked to a crisp with a hint of maple to the link. I enjoyed my morning breakfast with a pulp thick orange juice, that added to my meal just right. Matt’s BIG Breakfast was a good portion of food too, you will leave the restaurant with a full belly and a content smile. The location is convient to for the ASU downtown students, located a block from campus on the corner. Compared to other breakfast nook eateries, Matts Big Breakfast has average prices on the top foods. Averaging about $7-$10 dollars for a meal with tip. The food I must say speaks for itself holding one of the top places to eat in Phoenix as well as ranked top in the Food Network industry. Matt owns this busy family owned restaurant, and is usually there willing to please his guest. I had a chance to speak with him before I left on behalf of the economic scare, and if his restaurant has had affect on this. Matt answered very positive saying that overall there has been no sign of a scare for the restaurant but it has alot to do with their regular customers that come in five times a week. People come to the restaurant just to hangout and drink a cup of coffee. He mentions that this restaurant is ALWAYS busy, which means 10-15 minute wait will always be asked. You can find comments here from what others have said about their BIG breakfast experience.